Nodal College
Application Status
Applications received for Academic Arrangement 2022-23 have been processed and are available on our website for objections, if any. The applications are categorized as:
1. Approved
2. Pending
3. Rejected
3. UnderProcess

All the applications have been arranged in alphabetical order. All candidates having objections can file their grievances/objections by logging on our website
Reasons for Pending and Rejection of the application is given against each. The candidates should fulfill the deficiency before submission of their grievance/objection.
Please note that the list will be updated on real-time basis and updates/corrections shall be immediately reflected on the list. Candidates can check the disposal of their grievances by logging on the portal. No grievance/objection shall be accepted/addressed unless it is filed by candidate on the portal and any communication through email shall not be entertained or processed.
The list shall open for grievances/objections up to 19.05.2022. No objections shall be entertained thereafter.
All verifications are provisional and status of the applications/ points awarded is subject to further verifications.

Points have been awarded on the basis of criteria in vogue as of now. Any change in criteria shall be reflected immediately after it is notified.
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